Momma’s Boy


A momma’s boy and an Irish girl walk into a barbecue…

When Taylor Hannigan’s boyfriend invites her to his family’s annual reunion, she knows it’s an important step in their relationship. It’s not every day she meets her significant other’s parents. Regardless of what her friends say, she’s not too worried. As a confident woman with a highly accurate B.S. meter, she’s got this covered. Until she meets his mother, and that internalized gauge of hers spikes off the charts.

Bryson Reed is a country boy who can’t wait to bring his girlfriend home to meet his parents. A weekend of cookouts, fishing, and swimming wrapped into one fun-filled weekend is the perfect opportunity. Days with the family and nights with her beneath him? Oh yes, this is just the vacation they need. But shortly after the big intros, everything begins to unravel, spoiling his carefully crafted plans and pissing off his girlfriend.

Taylor wonders where the line is between gentleman and momma’s boy in this weekend of fake southern hospitality. She just wants it over already. But when an explosive family secret is revealed, this trip might not be the only thing coming to an end…