Long Distance Lover

Does it count as a long-distance relationship if you live together?

Whenever Morgan Shultz contemplates marriage, she totally freaks out. Oh, she has her reasons, and they have nothing to do with love. Or sex. Seriously, rabbits would be jealous of how often she and Cooper do it. But relationships require more than the hot and heavy, and there’s another important aspect that’s seriously lacking in their relationship. If things don’t change, she won’t have to worry about their future anymore because her relationship status will change from practically-long-distance to seriously single.

Cooper Youngblood is a numbers guy. His life is filled with identifying risks and probable outcomes, but on his latest business trip, he quickly learns just how badly he miscalculated everything. Something is off with his girlfriend, and the new prospective client is interested in more than his spreadsheets.

Morgan turns up the heat, but Cooper is busy dodging the fire.