Book Cover: Oz

She’s on the run…he’s never lost sight of her.

Abraham “Oz” Osborne leads a newly formed task force of elite military operatives and government agents who handle assignments off the grid. That’s the objective anyway. He needs their first mission to go smoothly if this blended team can be branded a success. Taking down a former mafia employee should be easy enough. Then he learns just how close he needs to get to the beautiful woman and curses the day he ever agreed to this FUBAR operation.

Bryn Chambers did a very bad thing, and now she’s working a crappy job while hiding from powerful criminals. Staying in a shelter isn’t ideal, but it sure beats living at the bottom of a river. When she gets offered a better position that comes with a furnished apartment, she jumps at the chance to hang up her apron and move into her own space. Too bad her new neighbor is the same man she’s dreaded serving every morning these last few months. For such a gorgeous guy, he sure is a jerk. She should know…she has several hot on her trail.

Sparks fly when Oz and Bryn find themselves living next door to each other, both hiding their true identities and fighting their growing attraction toward one another. But when Oz discovers just how Bryn could bust this case wide open, will he be able to risk everything that’s at stake in order to take down the notorious crime family?

One night changes everybody’s lives. Find out how the The Bang Shift series all began…

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